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Introducing Excell Auction Services Inc.

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Looking for a Certain Item?

Excell Auction Services Inc. has dealt with various items and have made tremendous connections for both sellers and buyers. Contact our office (519) 672-7277

 NEWS RELEASE - April 2013

Excell Auction Services Inc. is proud to announce the addition of Online Auctions to their portfolio. You can now bid from the comforts of your home, office or wifi connection. We will continue to run Live Auctions, daily Tender Bid Auctions, along with Online Bidding. 

How to Bid...

 You must be 18 years of age to register and it is absolutely free.  

This is a 2 step process. Simply click on the link to  Register for Account.  You will be redirected to our secure bidding website. You only have to do this step once. Record your user name and password and store in a secure place.

Log into your account. Watch items and view our auctions. To Bid you have to complete the 2nd process, just have your credit ready, this is to verify who you really are.All data gathered is encrypted and PCI compliance is in place and up to date SSL certificates are maintained. Fill in all the required information and submit.

 You are ready for bidding...

Prior to bidding, we recommend you come to the scheduled location to preview and examine each item you are interested in. The auction will run up to 7 days, in most cases, so you have time to do your research.

Don't be afraid to leave a maximum bid. Your bid will only go up by the specified increments at a time, as the software bids for you against other bidders. For example. if you leave a maximum bid of $50.00 and someone bids a maximum of $20 the software would push your bid to $21 (if the bidding increments is set at $1). If the other person tried to bid $50 you would still be the high bid because you were at $50 first. If the other person bids $51 then you would be outbid. If you have clicked on the notification box you will be notified by email that you are outbid.

 If you are a winning bidder...

An invoice will be emailed to you, pay it in full and come at the scheduled time to the scheduled place and pick up the items that you won.

 It's that easy.


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